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International Journal of e-Navigation and Maritime Economy
Volume 7(June) & Volume 8(Dec.)                   
Season’s Greeting and Invitation                    
The International Journal of e-Navigation and Maritime Economy (e-Navi) is intended to be an outlet for theoretical and empirical research contributions for scholars and specialists in the fields of navigation technology and maritime economy. e-Navi invites manuscripts mainly in the areas of theory and its practical application of e-navigation and maritime economy for regular issue(Volume 7 and 8) which will be published at the end of June and December and in the area of transport, logistics and navigation.
e-Navi is published by International Association of e-Navigation and Ocean Economy, Incorporated, Korea Association of Aids to Navigation, KOREA and hosted by Elsevier, the Netherlands. The Journal is indexed as E(merging)S(science)C(itation)I(ndex) by Thomson Reuters since June 2016. 

Interested parties are cordially invited to submit academic papers in English to e-Navi journal. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers should have a clear theoretical base, supporting data, scientific analysis and be founded on sound knowledge on the topics concerned. We are looking for papers focusing on but not restricted to:

• Maritime Navigation & e-Navigation
• Navigation Information System
•  Maritime Traffic Engineering
• IT in Maritime Management
• Security & Piracy
• GIS in Maritime Applications
• Electronic Chart Systems
• ECDIS and ECS • Maritime Management & Economics
• Maritime Environment & Policy
• Maritime Law & Insurance
• Maritime Education and Training
• Environmental Management
• Maritime Search and Rescue
• Crew Resource Management
• Marine Accidents & Maritime Safety

Key Dates
Deadline for Volume 7 January 30, 2016
Deadline for Volume 8 September 30, 2016
Publication of Volume 7 June 30, 2016
Publication of Volume 8 December 30, 2016
*How to submit: Please visit our websites at http://e-navigation.kr or send the papers to Managing Editor : e-navi@e-navigation.kr

We are looking forward to hearing from you all in due time.

January, 2017

Editors-in-Chief :  Prof. Wayne Talley & Prof. G.K. Park